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MyPlan Tracker
Your health in your hands–and at your fingertips!

Keeping tabs on your health is easier than ever.

Welcome to the fast track.
Medifast Weight Control Centers‘ new MyPlan Tracker lets you track meals, exercise, water intake, weight, measurements, sleep, and so much more! Get detailed reports on your nutrition intake, compare graphs of your progress and more.
It‘s never been easier to take good care of yourself.

Log foods–yours, ours, and theirs.

And it‘s a custom fit.
If it‘s at your grocery, it‘s likely on our list, so you can track everyday foods quickly and accurately. What about your homemade masterpieces? Add and store them here, too!
It‘s never been easier to keep track of everything you eat.

Chart your course for success.

See what‘s trending.
See your weight and measurements trend and get nutrition reports and more with these handy, easy–to–use graphs. Enter details from your dashboard or mobile device, get comparison graphs, and share on social media.
It‘s never been easier to see your progress on your health journey.

Record your every move.

Step up your game.
Connect your Fitbit ® and other devices with your MyPlan Tracker, and do it all in one place –– from plan tracking to progress comparisons and more. All the steps you take toward good health are right here.
It‘s never been easier to see–and be–the picture of health.
Track your health everywhere.
Enhance your Medifast experience by downloading our MyPlan Tracker app–FREE.
Use it to track meals, exercise, weight, and measurements, and get daily tips for success!